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A blog to support, encourage, and mentor at home moms in all aspects of home making and family life.

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When I was a young wife and new mother I was very lucky to know several wise, older women that I could talk to whenever I needed advice about these new, unfamiliar roles.  In fact those relationships continue to this day, and I still call on these same women for wisdom and advice.  But I've also learned a lot by just watching them with their husbands and families, how they "do life" and respond to various situations.  

As I got older and further along in my own marriage, having raised my family, I felt a pressing sense of responsibility to pass down the same kind of support and mentoring that I'd been given, to young women starting off marriages and families of their own.

Jason and I were married in 1989, when I was 20, we welcomed our first daughter before our second anniversary and our second daughter a year and a half later.  For the next 22 years I would be a full time, at home wife and mother.

This blog is written with no authority but that of experience.  It's written with the best of intentions, and with the hope that it will serve to support and encourage at home moms as they go through the joys and challenges of family life.  


~Your Apron Strings is written for my two precious daughters, Megan and Bethany, with the hope that it will serve as a love letter, and an understanding hug, as they raise their families and cultivate their own life long love affairs with their wonderful husbands.