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Mommy's Time. The 4:30 Sanity Break

Years ago, when the girls were small, my wise mother-in-law gave me some wonderful advice.  Here it is.

"At 4:30, sit down, put your feet up and have a cup of tea.  You still have another 4 hours before your day is done and you don't want to be exhausted when your husband gets home."

Too simple?  


Too busy at that time of day to even think about sitting down?  I know!  But trust me!  I began making a point of it, and you know what!  She was totally right!!

4:30 seems to be the witching hour when you're home all day with kids.  You're all a little tired from your day, hungry for dinner, but there's still a lot of evening left.  Dinner, dishes, bathes, stories, etc.  Here's how I carved out a little sanity break for myself.

 I realllly needed those 30 minutes to myself to be able to be "nice Mommy" for the rest of the evening.

Play dates had to wrap up by 4:30, the girls either had to be home, or their friends had to go home by then.  Dinner was in the oven, ("Lunch Time Dinner"), and I would put on a show for the girls that was 30 minutes long.  Then came my speech...

"Okay girls, Mommy is going to have a quite time in her room.  I don't want you to knock on my door or call me because Mommy might talk to you in an angry voice and I'm not angry at you, I just need a quite time.  I'll be back when your show is over, but don't come to talk to me, I'll be back then." 

Funny I know, but they were quite little and my husband was traveling a lot and I realllllly needed those 30 minutes to myself to be able to be "nice Mommy" for the rest of the evening.

I would go in my room, shut the door and take a bath.... read a book.... talk to a girlfriend on the phone... whatever I wanted for a whole 30 minutes!!  It was heavenly!

At 5:00 I would be back in the kitchen and back with the girls.  Much happier and more relaxed.  They would sit up at the island and talk to me while I finished getting dinner ready.

I know it sounds simple. But I think you'll find like I did, that by giving yourself this little bit of time to recharge, it allows you to have a better evening with your family. 

Consider this a little hug from me to you :)

Reader Comments (2)

Shonna this sounds awesome! It makes sense- at any job you get a 30 min break, why should it be different for moms? :)

December 14, 2010 | Unregistered Commentertaylor.

Love it!

December 14, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterFavian

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