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Lunch Time Dinner

Hi Everyone,
Happy New Year!  I hope you had a nice time with your families over Christmas, we sure did!  I was lucky enough to have our whole family together in the morning for presents and in the evening for dinner!  

But on to a new post, also along the subject of dinner!  Here's some advice I was given early on that proved very useful!!  

Lunch Time Dinner:
When the girls were small and things were starting to get a little hairy, my darling mother-in-law, who I loved told me to, "Make dinner at lunch.  You mess up your kitchen once and then you're not doing such a big clean up in the evening when you're tired."

I know, simple!  Just like "The 4:30 Sanity Break".  But once again, sooooo smart!!

Seriously, after you've eaten lunch.  While you're still in the kitchen, make your dinner.  Do all the chopping, etc. mid-day while you still have some energy and you're not starving for dinner trying to rush it into the oven.  

Then you can get all your pans washed and the rest of the things into the dishwasher and get it running, if you empty it later in the afternoon after dinner you'll have an empty dishwasher to put your dinner plates and glasses into.  

Simple I know, but the day time is the time for work, your evening is your time with your family, I say, do everything you can to make it as relaxed and work free as possible!

Something else that I like doing, is to set the dinner table after lunch.  Nothing fancy, but when your family comes home at the end of the day, a set table and the smell of dinner cooking is a very warm welcome.  


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