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A Blessing For Your Grandchildren

As many of you know, I'm quite in love with being a Grammy to my grandchildren, and how devestatingly heartbroken I was at the loss of our fourth little one, Goldie Bloom.  Who I will write about one day, but today is not that day...

Today I wanted to share with you a blessing.  For our newest baby love, Skipper Augustine Menzel.  Born on my 48th birthday, the most wonderful birthday gift I have, or ever will, receive, and the answer to tearful, heartfelt and anxious prayers.

This is something I've done for each of our little ones, and if you're a grandparent, it's is something I encourage you to do.  It's been a wonderful blessing to me as I've thought through writing personalized blessings for each of our grandchildren, and something their mother's can keep, and each child can look back on as they grow.  A legacy of love and faith, they can carry with them, and over them, for their entire lives.

Presented to Skipper and his Mommy, at his baby shower this March ~


Skipper Augustine Menzel,

You are the fifth of my beloved grandchildren.  Having you in our family is an answer to earnest and heartfelt prayers.  Yours was a conception we barely dared pray for, and your gustation was one that tried our ability, yet again, to rest and trust, in God's goodness, as we waited anxiously for your birth.

We're a family that has been tested, and tried, and who have found God to be steadfastly faithful in both our sorrow and our joy.  And to speak of your birth without recognizing all that God has faithfully walked us through would be ungrateful.  We know better than most what a tender and precarious miracle each new little life is, and so we thank and praise our God for giving you to us, strong and healthy and oh so beautiful.  You, little boy,  have brought a light back into your mother's eyes.

And so my darling baby boy, my blessing over you is;

May you grow in strength and stature.  

May you be blessed with health and safety.  

May you always bring joy to your parents, and to this whole family.  

May you come to know the Lord early, use the strength of your youth to serve Him, and despite this culture, keep yourself pure.  

May you establish a home and family honouring to Lord, one to whom you will be unwaveringly faithful, and lead well.  

May you love, fear and serve our God all your life and find wisdom in the frequent reading of His Word.  

May you be an example to other men and bring pride to your parents.  

May you find rest and peace in your old age, and die, full of years, surrounded by those you love.

We pray these things over you this day, my precious grandson.

With love and prayers,
Your Grammy

Skipper's birth
Chatty Skipper 


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