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A blog to support, encourage, and mentor at home moms in all aspects of home making and family life.

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Hi! Come on in!!

Hi!  Come on in!  Welcome to my blog for Full Time Moms! 

We all want a peaceful, happy home, that's tidy, where there's a warm dinner on the table at 6 o'clock.

Where our kids are happy and respectful, with their homework done, and faces washed.  A place that our husband is happy to come home to.

And in addition to all that we ourselves want to be happy and well rested, and to still feel like "ourselves".

Is this too much to ask?  Some days maybe.  

But over all,
it's not. 

There is no reason your home should look like, and feel like, a war zone. For that matter you shouldn't look like and feel like you've been through a war zone either!

I have just finished spending the last 20 years as a Full Time Mom, and I loved it!  And I want you to love it too!  I want you to feel like your children and husband are getting the best of you. 

If you don't feel that way, let's talk, I'd love to help by telling you about some of the things that worked for us and help you avoid the things that didn't.  Let's make your home a place your family can't wait to get back to at the end of the day, or a place where you and your little ones spend your day happily together.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you,

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